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Adobe Organic Sauvignon Blanc


The aroma comes from a mixture of mineral notes with fruits such as peachs and lime.

Casablanca Valley can be identified by its closeness to the Pacific Ocean, influenced by the coastal breeze, which moderates temperatures. The land is basically formed by hills that increase in height as it goes east towards the Coastal Mountain Range. It has an alluvial origin, with sandy textures of high permeability, poor and shallow, which causes the valley to have low yields, compared to others. The temperatures are colder and templates, causing a slower ripening in the fruit and, in consequence, great character in flavor and aroma, for white varieties like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

The citric touches to this Sauvignon Blanc work well with all types of sushi and Mediterranean flavours such as goats cheese salad or smoked ham.

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