Arbor – Basta Rosse – Red Ale


Basta Rosse. Originally brewed with our good friends from Mezzo Passo brewery in Popoli, Italy, this red ale was brewed with Cascade, Vic Secret and Mosaic hops. It’s a delicate balance of malt flavours and New World hops.

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We’ve always been a creative and experimental brewery, never shying away from trying out new ideas & sidestepping style guidelines. Though we’ve produced several hundred different beers over the years, across a vast range of styles, we’re always open to new ideas and encourage our brewing team to continually think about new recipes – or just tweak and improve the existing ones. While we’re probably best known for our hop-forward approach, we take pride in creating great beers that appeal to everyone, from the craftiest fiend to the traditional cask ale drinker.

We love to get other people involved and enjoy a collaboration, whether it be with another brewery, one of our regular customers, or a beer festival– it’s just a matter of fitting it in!