Blackfords Limoncello (32% 35cl)


  • Serve this luscious liqueur neat from the freezer.
  • Try a Limoncello over crushed ice with tonic or soda, and a squeeze and slice of lemon.
  • Add a dash to a glass of sparkling wine.
  • Drizzle over fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream.


BLACKFORDS grew in my kitchen in a small village on the edge of the Cotswoldswhere I live, using the best ingredients I can find.  My lemons come from Sicily: organic, unwaxed and handpicked by Giuseppe who sends them to us from his estate near Marsala in western Sicily to Gloucestershire.  Our alcohol is the very best of British, from Essex.

Q: Why are your logo and website red, yellow, blue and green?

A: Our branding reflects our roots and heritage. These are the colours of the Cotswolds flag and emblem. We are a committed Cotswolds food and drinks company. Simple!