Cloudwater – Helles – Lager (4.5% 440ml)


One of our greatest technical brewing challenges lies in presenting Manchester’s water, Germany’s finest pilsner malt. Bavarian lager yeast, and classic German hops in a beer style that leaves no room for error, with no bold flavours to mask mistakes or imbalance. Malty yet crisp, delicate and refined, this Helles is a nod not just to German brewing, but to traditional beers the world over. A beer for talking over, and reflecting on its subtle nuances.

Aroma & Flavour: Subtle notes of fresh white bread, zesty lemon and light herbal accents

Body: Medium body, with moderate carbonation and a crisp finish

Aftertaste: Soft and delicate, with lingering malt accents and low bitterness


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As such a recognisable brand and presence in the brewing world it still beggars belief that Cloudwater were only founded in 2014. At the very core of the brewery is a motivation to provide drinkers with an opportunity to relax and unwind with a beer of the finest quality. These are produced using quality ingredients, sourced from incredible suppliers from at home and abroad, using the latest knowledge in brewing science and techniques to ensure that they are properly harnessed into incredibly refreshing beer. Their core range is widely regarded as the industry standard for pale ales and DIPAs and with specials that include collaborations with some of the most prestigious breweries in the world, Cloudwater produce beers that live up to their lofty, ever-expanding aspirations.

A pillar of the Manchester community, Cloudwater have forged a reputation as a human-centric business that has nurtured the food, drink and creative industries in their hometown. Irrepressibly enterprising, they’ve reached further than this, working to showcase the ambition  and passion of these same industries in the North of England, while aiming to lead the UK in honouring brewing tradition, while continuing to push boundaries and evolve tastes. This is clear-to-see at their Friends & Family & Beer festival, a celebration of the brewing world hosted in Manchester.