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Dead Man’s Fingers – Pineapple Rum (37.5% 70cl)


If you love the refreshing taste of Pineapple your taste buds will thank you with this new variation of rum. Pineapple has a history and heritage deep-rooted in hospitality, it was considered luxury because transit from the tropics to europe was very expensive, a bit like sugar.
A bold and smooth Caribbean rum infused with fruity pineapple and citrus kicks for a perfect summer beverage. Tastes of sweet roasted and candied pineapple, soft brown sugar, lime zest and nutmeg and aniseed. The warm amber liquid smells like vanilla and soft pineapple, close your eyes and let the flavours take you away to the tropical islands.

Mixed with lemonade and add a lime wedge, gives you the perfect Dead Tropical cocktail.

Inside the Rum and Crab Shack, a famous seafood joint In St Ives, Cornwall; and feeling suitably liberated from the tyranny of convention, a spiced rum was born. We rejected crusty old tradition in favour of flavours new; unusual flavours like Cornish Saffron cake and Pedro Ximénez ice cream were encouraged to get all close and personal with nutmeg, vanilla and a hint of orange.

The result was a unique Spiced Rum that’s not only delicious sipped neat but also plays well with others – that subtle orange back-note making it a better mixer for a more diverse range of cocktails.

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