Neptune Rum – Caribbean Spiced (40% 70cl)



From the producer of the World’s Most Awarded Rum 2018/19 comes Neptune Caribbean Spiced Rum.

Neptune Caribbean Spiced is a blend of Caribbean golden rums masterfully infused with papaya and damiana tropical fruits, balanced with hints of vanilla and cinnamon.

With no added sugar, Neptune Caribbean Spiced Rum delivers an exceptional full-bodied taste, making it perfect for sipping or mixing.


Neptune Rum was founded in 2017 in Cheltenham, UK with a focus on producing truly exceptional quality rums. Inspired by the Roman God Neptune, god of water and seas, and with a passion for rum, quality and the world oceans, Neptune Rum was born.

Neptune Rum Barbados Gold was the first rum created, and due to its focus on exceptional quality it soon became the world’s most awarded rum of 2018 and 2019 and earning its place amongst the world’s greatest rums.

Neptune Rum is focussed on sustainably producing the highest quality natural rums and drinks, and supporting the clean-up of the world’s oceans.