Staggeringly Good – VelociRapture Divine|Divide – West Coast IPA (6.5% 440ml)


This dual launch is two beers made from the same ‘Wort Mother’. Two divine IPA’s divided at birth.

West Coast IPA Edition
1. We added a small amount of bittering hops just to tame the boil and give a touch of IBU’s.
2. At the end of the boil, the remaining wort that was left after the first transfer was whirl-pooled with cascade hops at 94 degrees for 20 minutes to add bitterness and that ‘Westie’ Cascade flavour and aroma.
3. We then transferred this wort into FV2 and fermented with US-05 which is highly attenuative and flocculates out really nicely helping with clarity.
4. After fermentation we added 15g/L of a blend of Equinot & Amarillo dry hop.
5. We chilled and topped up the carbonation in the beer to 2.5 volumes of CO2

‘From the moment they started they knew they weren’t cool. They didn’t have beards and attempts at growing them were simply humiliating and a little embarrassing for them and their families. So they set aside their rose scented facial wax and tiny combs and focused on what they knew best… brewing quality beer (and dinosaur puns)!

Hatched in 2015 by three clean shaven friends with an obsession for beer and dinosaurs, Staggeringly Good have quickly become known as one of the UK’s leading breweries ranking consistently in the TOP 20 in the country on Untappd.’

Yes it’s all got a little out of control since we first uttered the sentence ‘Hey shall we get together on Sunday and brew some beer?’. Now there are grown up things like bills and stuff, but don’t worry we’re not going to let that get in the way of us having a grain sack load of fun. Catch you at the tap room soon dino-riders!