Tarquin’s – ‘The Tonquin’ Tonka Bean & Clementine Gin LIMITED EDITION (42% 70cl)


After the success of The Tonquin limited edition run back in 2016, it is back on another limited edition run ready for your winter enjoyment.

This limited edition gin is another chapter in Tarquin’s journey of discovery and experimentation. Tonka beans are the flat, dark and fragrant seeds from giant trees of South America.

On the nose this is oozing zesty clementine juice, frangipane and sour cherry. To taste on the palate The Tonquin is full of juniper, chocolate orange and spiced vanilla notes. All this is rounded up with a warm spice filled finish with noticeable dark chocolate and fresh ground coffee.

Southwestern Distillery produce small batches of their artisan Tarquin’s Gin using their flame-fired copper pot still called Tamara, goddess of the Tamar. It’s then bottled by hand and sent off into the world, to spread the news that Cornwall is producing some fabulous gin.