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Tubby Tom’s – Scorpion Slammer – Super Hot Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Sauce



I actually don’t love scorpion chillies, the first time I ate some raw I was at a party and had to lock myself in a toilet, I stripped off and prayed to the capsaicin god for 3 hours non-stop before I stopped sweating and shaking. I was not ready.

Capsaicin god granted me permission to use the chillies so once I was blessed I decided to make a super hot sauce to honour the scorpion chilli. This is it.

Essentially a super hot table condiment – great for adding heat and acidity to food. Makes butt clenching hot wings, but also works when adding heat to a chilli con carne.

Nutritional Info

Vegan Friendly / No Major Allergens

I’ve always been a fatty, I love food and my life revolves around it. When I’m not cooking at work or at home, I’m watching food shows, I’m collecting and reading endless cook books, listening to podcasts about it, talking to other foodies, writing and sharing recipes and salivating over ideas for the business.

I also love branding stuff, although I have limited technical skills in design. All i know is that I love skulls, matte black and white dots on everything.

Tubby Tom’s is the perfect combination of all of my passions. I spend all day working with amazing food, creating sauces and seasonings and selling them to awesome, like-minded people.

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