Unfiltered Cotswold Helles – 5% – Box of 12 x 330ml


by Cotswold Brew CO
First Kellerbier (unfiltered);  a hazy lager with floral, citrus and bread notes.
5% ABV it comes in a box of 12 x 330ml bottles.


15 years ago Oxfordshire based couple, The Keenes,  set up a brewery to make a proper English lager.
Cotswold lager is brewed in Bourton on the Water but it takes its inspiration from the German brewers of Bavaria.    Only malt, hops, water and yeast are used in the brewing process, plus a bit of time for “lagering” (4 weeks at least).  The beers aren’t  pasteurised and there are no additives or preservatives. The  beers are VEGAN, since no finings are used,  which is better for us and fish!
Whatever difficulties life throws in the mix, it really is too short to drink bad lager;  so, order a case of the real stuff now and you won’t regret it!