Five Little Pigs

Wallingford’s neighbourhood restaurant and bar. 

Our first restaurant...

We’re Five Little Pigs. If you’ve found yourself here you’ll likely know we’re a charming little neighbourhood bar & restaurant, and that we delight in serving people thoughtful, seasonal & locally-sourced food and drink.

Two of the three founding piggies own and run The Keep, Wallingford’s much loved gin & craft-beer bar, which opened its doors way back in 2016. A pandemic has since seen Rob & Sam transform it (albeit temporarily) into the most exciting off-licence you could hope to find yourself in, still specialising in the best of local, original, and spectacular beer, wine and spirits.

As fate would have it, new Wallingford resident and local restaurateur Aimee had found her way in there before it closed its doors to enthusiastic gin drinkers. A friendship blossomed, and a dream was born… and after a (frankly, astoundingly) successful crowdfunding campaign, a sizeable renovation project, and a few inevitable hurdles, Five Little Pigs opened on May 21st, 2021.

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